Ukrainians are good, generous and beautiful people. Ukrainians truly love their country, but sometimes economic state pushes people to think about improving financial situation by looking for additional income. That is the reason, why thousands of people on a daily basis became victims of stock market scammers, who take the last and fulfill their already full pockets. Authors of this article also suffered in the process of trading on the exchange, having lost large amounts of honestly earned funds. But having united, we were able to realize and accept the bitter truth - we were deceived by fraudsters who were acting professionally and contemptuously insolently. Fraudsters who appear to be omnipotent and fearless, but everything is not as it seems, and now we will tell you why.

In fact, scammers are afraid of public outcry, the riveted attention of a large part of society to their dirty deeds. It is the public outcry that does not allow buying the courts, the police and the prosecutor's office and thus avoiding responsibility. But most of all, the scammers are afraid that the masks will be dropped, the identities of the scammers will be revealed, and any victim will be able to recognize the villains and express their dissatisfaction directly to their faces. When relatives, friends and neighbors will find out the bitter truth about immoral earnings, you will no longer hide behind a telephone receiver.

On the left: Martynyuk Andrej Stepanovich, on the right – Kravchun Oleg Andreevich


This is the story of two people, Martynyuk Andrej Stepanovich and Kravchun Oleg Andreevichwho created in Ukraine numerous scams to deceive gullible citizens. Today Ukraine is not enough for them; their appetites go far beyond its borders. The reality is shocking - hundreds of people in dozens of offices every day, often seven days a week, are working on one thing - deceiving thousands of people around the world. The characters of this investigation have already completely lost their humanity and will no longer be able to stop on their own. Apparently monthly millions of earnings, luxurious things and a glamorous life with mistresses and drugs allow them not to think about the pangs of conscience.

On this photo our baddies are coming out of the office Prof Advice LLC (OOO PROF EDVAJS; EDRPOU-42585981), located at Kiev, Obolonskaya str., 29, block A. On the left Martynyuk, and behind Kravchun.


A rhetorical question - why a small group of fraudsters’ victims managed to do in several years so much things, that law enforcement agencies couldn’t make, namely, to collect information about stock exchange fraudsters and their scams. A huge amount of meticulously collected information made it possible to detect the fraudulent companies, the names of their scams, faces and addresses. We have identified the creators of scams and ordinary employees, the same moral monsters who sold their honor for thirty pieces of silver. Note that some of the participants realized the illegality of their actions and voluntarily helped in the preparation of the investigation, we will not mention them at their own request. For the rest, let's say: each of this gang of swindlers will receive their portion of glory, repentance is the only right way.


Guideline for dummies: how stock exchange scammers are working in Ukraine and in other countries.


Scheme of work of stock exchange fraudsters Martynyuk Andrej Stepanovich and Kravchun Oleg Andreevich looks simple at the first glance and can be described in single sentence: first-line employees call to strangers upon the stolen/purchased database in order to find potential victims and extract the minimum amount, after that more experienced employees “handling” the selected victims (suckers in the slang of the scammers themselves) for more significant amounts. Basically, this is the whole scheme, since after receiving a deposit, scammers trying to get larger amount under various reasons, and so on ad infinitum. When the client can’t pay more, he or she is dumped. There are also technical staff, so to speak "for solidity", but their role is purely formal.


However, behind the simplicity of the scheme lies the painstaking work of senior managers or "teachers", HR recruiters, suppliers of stolen databases, fake directors of a whole host of companies and specialists in IP telephony and servers with customer data. Yes, these scammers do not call from regular phones, since they are harder to detect. A call via IP telephony does not leave traces in the subscriber's phone, the telephony server along with the client base was located in Odessa, Spiridonovskaya str., 19 (basement), but after the raid they moved to another place – Kiev. It is strange, but for some reason local law enforcement officers have returned the same telephony servers to the scammers, without any interest in their contents and just let the case go. Perhaps, after reading the materials of this investigation, the case will be given a new course given the scale of the activity and the millions of stolen client funds.


The fraudsters' customer base is also serious, once caught by the bait customers become the object of constant terror. As soon as people give money and the conveyor turns on, they are constantly receiving calls from new scams who try to lure out money in the same way. Thus, if the phone number is not changed, calls will go non-stop from various "new companies". Many readers may be surprised by the fact that they are constantly being deceived by various exchange pseudo-brokers, but we assure you that this is not a coincidence. The conveyor just turned on, the scams are new - and the owners are old.


Martynyuk very actively recruiting personnel for his scams - sales managers and even fashion retentions in Kiev and Kropivnitskiy. We are talking about a company that appeared after FreshForex (Prof Advice LLC). Promised salaries are quite attractive from 15 to 70 thousand hryvnia. Here you have rates, bonuses and other wonderful benefits. But as we have seen above, this is all just a scam, Martynyuk's companies deceive their employees as well as their customers. There were offices in Odessa, but they were already covered by the police during the development of such offices. The criminal case is still under investigation, but more on that later.

General vacancies

Vacancy of retention-manager (whatever it means) – the most profitable.

Slightly less cool, but also profitable - a sales manager in Kiev.

And the lowest paid managerial vacancy in Kropivnitskiy.

After the publicity on the Internet from the former employee, the company company “Legoyutex” LLC is recruiting personnel (EGRPOU – 42765361). The geography is striking in scale - Kiev, Odessa, Kropivnitskiy, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Cherkassy and other cities.


You can also learn about the activities of Martynyuk and Kravchun from the reviews of former employees from the office at Kiev, Obolonskaya str., 29, block A.: .


We managed to establish contact with foreign law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation of the activities of Martynyuk Andrej Stepanovich and Kravchun Oleg Andreevichwho managed to show themself outside Ukraine. Own greed has become the reason for the investigation where bribes cannot be given - the "heroes" began to terrorize with calls citizens of other states, including Israel. We were very pleased to provide all the available information to the law enforcement agencies of these countries, since it’s not be possible to give a bribe there and the chances of resolving the issue are zero. Again, the identities of all members of the gang have already been identified and transferred to law enforcement officers along with evidence of their criminal activities.


The country must know its "heroes" by sight: from scammers to deputies

The factor of attention of law enforcement agencies of other states is decisive in a large-scale investigation of the activities of fraudsters in Ukraine itself, since political backing of fraudsters in the form of the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Amelchenko Vasilij Vasilevich Vasilevich from the Radical Party (whose assistant Martynyuk Andrej Stepanovich was for a long time no longer be able to protect them. I would like to receive a comment from the deputy himself, but he is still silent. And then he will say that he did not know anything and was not involved in the activities of scammers. Then the question is how they were able to conduct their activities with impunity for so long?

In general, the topic of the interweaving of bandits, police and government officials in Ukraine is very acute and requires a separate investigation, but we are interested in the fact itself - bandits and fraudsters in Ukraine are sure to strive for power in order to remain unpunished. To everyone's happiness Andrey Stepanovich Martynyuk born in 1985, lost the elections and could not become a representative of the government from the Liberal Party of Ukraine’s agree that people's deputy who beats up his own wife and forges signatures in contracts is not needed by anyone. However, Martynyuk does not lose heart and lives happily ever after, not being ashamed of his wealth. On April 16, 2020 Martynyuk purchased a brand new BMW X6 license plate KA0001MS, flies abroad couple of times a week (in 2020 alone, despite the quarantine conditions, Martynyuk crossed the border more than 10 times). He also has mistresses, uses drugs and regularly violates traffic rules. People who know Martynyuk describe him as a completely morally decayed person for whom there are no friends or relatives. Registered in the Kirovograd region, but naturally lives in Kiev at the address: Syretskaya street, house 32, apt. 36. Only in the official data (declarations) it is indicated that there are two land plots owned (15,000 m2 and 4,712.7 m2), two cars (dates of transactions: 05/07/2019 and 03/06/2019) and an apartment (date of the transaction: 16.04. 2019).

We will not disregard the junior partner - a swindler, the local Boryspil Tsar - Kravchun Oleg Andreevich fraudster, born in 1987, who managed to buy himself a whole fleet of vehicles: a brand new BMW X5 number AA7444MM, and also KIA Sportage number AI0014IO and KIA RIO number AI5844ST. All cars are parked at the place of residence of the fraudster - near the mansion at the address: Borispol, st. Herzena str., 17. Except as a mansion, this house cannot be called - a luxurious renovation, a huge area, a modern security system.

A logical question - how did the young people born in 1985 and 1987 manage to settle down like this during the crisis? The answer is on the money stolen from ordinary people. Anyone can come and see for themselves the incredible wealth of the main "characters", say hello and ask a logical question - how are they going to return the stolen goods.

A well-run business of a sweet couple is not complete without many lower rank scammers - various callers, fashionable retention, supposedly technical employees. We will reveal their personalities in the following parts, only repentance will help clear the conscience and make peace with the victims. Yes, they all earn only miserable crumbs compared to Martynyuk and Kravchun, but selling conscience is a crime, especially for a penny.


Freshforex Freshforex - the beginning

We remind you that the investigation does not contain empty accusations and is fully supported by facts: extracts from existing criminal cases, testimonies of participants and victims of scams, extracts from the registers. Anyone can, if desired, check all the data on their own.


Sweeping success of the sweet couple Martynyuk Andrej Stepanovich and Kravchun Oleg Andreevich began with an undeservedly forgotten scam called Freshforex (Fresh Forex Ukraine, EGRPOU – 39098022). There is an amazing story with FreshForex that deserves mention in order to reveal the scale of the scam. The company was a clone of Intrade, another scam, and the only one that Andrey Stepanovich Martynyuk due to inexperience, registered on himself. He didn’t act like this anymore, limiting himself only by the selection of personnel by means of “PROF ADVICE” LLC (EGRPOU – 42585981) and laundering of stolen money through MK PARTNER (EGRPOU - 38292259).


Based on the data indicated on the website, FreshForex began its activity in 2004, and in 2011 it took the 7th place in terms of the number of clients among Forex brokers around the world. But this is a lie, it is easy to track on the network that the domain was created in 2009, but has been actively working since 2013. The site has been translated into 15 languages, which confirms the scale of the scam:


Of course, there are “favorable offers” for clients from Ukraine. Broker FreshForex offers all possible promotions and bonuses, low spreads, leverage up to 1:2000 - all conditions that simply cannot be refused (even a $ 2020 bonus when trading without a deposit). There is only one caveat - the company officially ceased operations on the territory of Ukraine on April 26, 2018, which is confirmed by information from the official source of the Unified State Register of Legal Entrepreneurs, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Formations.

The site is working, clients' money is coming in, but Fresh Forex Ukraine LLC (EGRPOU - 39098022) simply does not exist. The company was liquidated after a series of publications about its real activity - fraud.

Back in 2017, fraudsters from FreshForex assured that the brand was owned by Riston Capital Ltd (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) this is exactly the information indicated on the broker's official website today:

Back in 2017, a fake license was indicated on the broker's website, but soon it was replaced with another - of the same regulator.

In fact, Riston Capital was created to be a diversion, to simply confuse customers. At the same time, an interesting fact emerged: Riston Capital Ltd. does not exist anymore - the company was liquidated on September 19, 2016, after having worked for only 2 years, because the date of registration is indicated on August 21, 2014. How can a company operate in 2020 if it ceased official activities back in 2016?

More information about broker registration can be found at the link: 

To successfully conduct dubious activities, FreshForex also organized its own regulator (or rather, was one of its members) - KROUFR. The Russian "regulator" of this broker - the KROUFR organization - also does not exist, it was liquidated in the course of the proceedings about this scam:


Freshforex Freshforex - development and criminal cases

As we noted above the sweeping success of the sweet couple Martynyuk Andrej Stepanovich and Kravchun Oleg Andreevich started with an undeservedly neglected scam called Freshforex (Fresh Forex Ukraine LLC, EGRPOU - 39098022). After numerous negative reviews from defrauded customers, a number of fraud charges and criminal cases, the company had to be closed. However, the site remained working, moreover, the combinators created a dozen more sites - scams:


And this list is still being updated. Regulators of different countries have issued many warnings for all these scams, but the work is in full swing because the financial literacy of our fellow citizens leaves much to be desired.

You may ask how you managed to identify these sites and why did these scams lead to Martynyuk and KravchunHaving spawned a whole bunch of companies to support hundreds of employees, both in Ukraine and abroad, the combiners have already received several criminal cases with searches and seizures of equipment, on which the software of the above scams was installed. It’s surprising why law enforcement agencies haven’t taken these combinators seriously yet.

After the liquidation of Fresh Forex Ukraine LLC (EGRPOU - 39098022) in which Andrey Stepanovich Martynyuk was the founder and head, he created 2 more companies: ООО MK PARTNER (EGRPOU - 38292259) and “PROF ADVICE” LLC (EGRPOU – 42585981)in which Kravchun Oleg Andreevich is an authorized person.

Together with the above companies, many clone companies were created, including: LLC MK CONSULTING GROUP (EGRPOU - 41203200) - founder Kravchun Oleg Andreevich, LLC Embiem Ukraine (EGRPOU - 42498805),, LLC Teleport Ukraine (EGRPOU - 39850619), Omni Stock Investment LLC (EDRPOU - 41298727), LLC “Inform Group Ukraine” (EGRPOU - 42672864), LLC "Legoyutex" (EGRPOU - 42765361) and others.

At least one criminal case has been initiated against many of these companies, in which it is possible to trace a clear connection between themselves and with the organizers, now in more detail.

— ООО MK PARTNER (EGRPOU - 38292259) criminal proceedings No. 32016100000000085 according to part 3 of art. 209, part 3 of art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and tax evasion on an especially large scale. This is one of the companies through which Andrey Stepanovich Martynyuk launders the proceeds of crime.

— MK CONSULTING GROUP LLC (EGRPOU - 41203200) criminal proceedings No. 42018100000001134 under Part 2 of Art. 382 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. It is noteworthy that the founder of the company is Kravchun Oleg Andreevich and the main activities of the company are the work of call centers. Company registration address: 04071, Kiev, Podolsk district, Nizhniy Val str., 15, office 602.

— Embiem Ukraine LLC (EGRPOU - 42498805) - criminal proceedings No. 12018000000000698 of 11/15/2018 under Part 4 of Art 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (scams,, The office at one time was located at the address - Kiev, Glybochitskaya str., 40u, office. 8 and later moved to Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, 37/122, on the 4th floor. Interestingly, the office of several dozen employees still exists, their names will be published in the next parts of the investigation. Supervised personally by Kravchun Oleg Andreevich, some people have moved to work from another office - familiar faces. Law enforcement officials have the ability to suppress the activities of fraudsters, like any injured citizen.

— Teleport Ukraine LLC (EGRPOU - 39850619) criminal proceedings No. 12016170090000100 (scams, under Part 1,2,3 of Art. 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - fraudsters, allegedly acting on the law of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, represented by Alfred Victor Brewster on the basis of the Charter, entered into fictitious agreements for managing a trading account with individuals, according to which an individual, as a party, opened a trading account on the basis of a public agreement at NAS Technologies Ltd, a brokerage company registered at The Jaycees Building, Stoney ground Kihgstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, for conducting operations in the international currency market Forex. Surprising coincidence, the scam company is located at: First St. Vincent Bank Building, First Floor, P.O. Box 1574, Kihgstown VC 0100, St. Vincent and the Grenadines - right next to Freshforex, the supposedly existing Riston Capital Ltd. The office was located in Poltava.

— PROF ADVICE LLC (EGRPOU - 42585981) – one criminal proceeding together with Omni Stock Investment LLC (EDRPOU - 41298727) (scams https://freshforex.com,,, No. 12019160000000069 according to part 3 of article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which lists both companies. In this case, Martynyuk’s Prof Advice owned IP telephony server, and Omni Stock Investment owned a team of calling employees who were located at the same address: Odessa, st. Spiridonovskaya, 19 (basement), which became known from information about the seizure of property during a search on 08.08.2019. There are already victims in the case who have lost tens of thousands of dollars (one of the victims of the scammers lost more than 26 thousand dollars). Criminal cases № 947/21537/19 (main), № 520/3152/19 are investigated by the Kiev District Court of Odessa. These documents can be found in the public domain from the Register of Court Decisions of Ukraine. Kravchun and Martynyuk cannot liquidate this organization, as in the case of Fresh Forex LLC, but directors are changing almost once a month. You can get acquainted with the full list of the company's "managers" on the website Suprisingly, but Prof Advice’s office on the Obolonskaya str., 29A, block A, is working, and occupies first two floors of the building. Moreover, part of the staff moved to the new office (all familiar faces). Moreover, the company itself, being under a criminal case, feels great and works without problems.

Continuation in the following parts: the identity of all personnel of the organized criminal group, addresses of all offices, confessions of former employees, comments of victims and much more.

By Amisit Conscientia

The main “characters” of this investigation Kravchun and Martynyuk deserve the most severe punishment for their crimes, which is provided only by the criminal code, but one should not forget about the lower rank fraudsters. Those who call to strangers and, through cunning psychological manipulations, lure out huge amounts of money. Striving to remain behind the screen of the telephone receiver, the villains sincerely believe that they will not be found. They sell their conscience for mere kopecks, for their “30 pieces of silver”. The time has come to dispel this myth, scammers should not console themselves with vain hopes - they have been found, the masks have been dropped and their identities have been revealed.

As promised, the list of swindlers of different levels will be published for general information, since the public is closely interested in this issue. The list turned out to be quite long, so it will be published in parts. So, the swindlers' case will not be let down on the brakes. But this is for the better, fewer victims will be able to transfer their money to scams.

Special thanks to some of the employees of this financial octopus, their contribution to the investigation was enormous. They repented of their deeds and wished to correct the harm they had done, to atone for their guilt. They handed over everyone - names, addresses, names of scams, amounts of earnings - all this will significantly accelerate the onset of punishment for fraudsters. Their willingness to testify in the case of these scams is the real and only salvation from this situation. For the rest of the crooks, remorse is yet to come.

And yes, the investigation into this large-scale scam has already begun! Not only in Ukraine, but also in Israel. Next in line is Europe, where, as it turned out, Kravchun and Martynyuk managed to inherit. Therefore, let the fraudsters not be surprised why law enforcement officers and victims will come to them with questions - they themselves are to blame. Only sincere repentance will help clear your conscience and resolve the current situation!

But let's start with the main fraudster who created and controls a huge financial pyramid, a "money" vacuum cleaner that sucks millions of dollars from the pockets of gullible citizens. In the photographs that we managed to get, he was captured in person, in the office of the company, which was previously located at Kiev, Hyzhniy val str, 4a:

Judging by the furnishings, the following photo was taken in the same office:

There are also photos of resting Martynyuk Andrey Stepanovich, as we see life on the stolen money is going pretty well:

The following photo was taken at the new office that was rented by another company “PROF ADVICE” LLC (EGRPOU – 42585981)whose brainchild was two brokers - a “scam” under the names “Want Trade” and “Want Broker”, (criminal proceedings No. 12019160000000069 together with Omni Stock Investment LLC (EDRPOU - 41298727).  This office was located at Kiev, Obolonskaya str., 29.

Employees of “PROF ADVICE” LLC (EGRPOU – 42585981):

  1. Brichka Aleksandr Stepanovich, 1990
  2. Varazhyan Anait Vachaganovna, 1998
  3. Ганусевич Наталия Михайловна 1991 г.р.
  4. Grinevich Sergej Stepanovich, 1991
  5. Grinchenko Kirill Sergeevich 1987
  6. Dyachenko Aleksandr Vasilevich 1976
  7. Zaglyada Yana Petrovna, 1987
  8. Zinchenko Anastasiya Vladimirovna, 1996
  9. Ilyushin Valerij Igorevich, 1990
  10. Kancur Ilya Maksimovich, 1996
  11. Kirosirov Semyon Aleksandrovich, 1998
  12. Korotya Aleksandra Olegovna, 1997
  13. Voloshina Inna Stepanovna, 1982
  14. Kravchun Oleg Andreevich, 1987
  15. Levshenkov Daniil Olegovich, 1997
  16. Loburenko Sergej Alekseevich, 1980
  17. Mamedova Nargiz Elchin, 1995
  18. Nemer Ziad, 1976
  19. Nesterchuk Galina Vasilevna, 1993
  20. Ohrimenko Fedor Vladimirovich, 1985
  21. Petrenko Vita Yurevna, 1995
  22. Plotnikova Irina Aleksandrovna, 1987
  23. Sikora Evgenij Andreevich, 1966
  24. Skripka Stanislav Vitalevich, 1989
  25. Suhina Natalya Grigorevna, 1989
  26. Tereshenko-Nemer Alena Igorevna, 1986
  27. Troyanchuk Nadezhda Ivanovna, 1992
  28. Ukrainec Lidiya Vladimirovna, 1970
  29. Martynyuk Valentina Fedorovna, 1962
  30. Martynyuk Andrej Stepanovich, 1985
  31. Chervinskij Vladimir Nikolaevich, 1982
  32. Cherneckij Andrej Sergeevich, 1990
  33. Chubanova Alla Viktorovna, 1975
  34. Shemet Vladislav Nikolaevich, 1996
  35. Sheremenko Vadim Aleksandrovich, 1973
  36. Yacishin Kristina Ivanovna, 1991
  37. Alieva Emilya Adalat, 1990
  38. Alieva Yasemet Adalat Kizi, 1993
  39. Amelchenko Evgeniya Vasilevna, 1990
  40. Gustovskij Vladislav Valentinovich, 1995
  41. Zhlukta Maksim Nikolaevich, 1989
  42. Zarickij Semyon Pavlovich, 1991
  43. Kirichenko Ruslan Mihajlovich, 1976
  44. Kuzevich Artyom Igorevich, 1990
  45. Romanika Aleksandr Vasilevich, 1986
  46. Sinicyn Sergej Mihajlovich, 1988
  47. Stanevich Aleksandra Evgenevna, 1997
  48. Aleksandrova Yuliya Viktorovna, 1971


Employees of ООО «Omni Stock Investment» (ЕГРПОУ – 41298727):

  1. Petrova Inga Igorevna, 1986
  2. Kochishvili Aleksandr, 1982
  3. Evsienko Dmitrij Vitalevich, 1991
  4. Cherednichenko Anastasiya Dmitrievna, 1995
  5. Badr Amina Dzhamalluddinovna, 2000
  6. Varnalij Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, 1992
  7. Gvozdeva Inna Vladimirovna, 1997
  8. Drobyshev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, 1984.
  9. Efremova Valeriya Vladimirovna, 1992
  10. Ivashkov Evgenij Yurevich, 1994
  11. Karapetyan Marine Sergisovna, 1994
  12. Kudinova Natalya Aleksandrovna, 1989
  13. Mudraya Elizaveta Petrovna, 1997
  14. Poting Aleksandra Anatolevna
  15. Syshuk Olga Vasilevna, 1991
  16. Chernatu Stanislav Aleksandrovich, 1986
  17. Burduh Yuliya Borisovna, 1973

All the data obtained from these scammers (addresses, phone numbers and evidence of fraudulent activity, including the names they represent) were transferred to law enforcement officers along with the testimony of repentant employees!

Let's give a small example from the collected material. Martynyuk and his associates created another broker - the FXCoin scam. Naturally, were hired and trained pseudo-brokers to deceive gullible citizens, who were identified. For example: broker - calling Denis Sergeevich Vasiliev, born in 1994, living in the city of Irpin, Kiev region

He will most likely delete his profile after publication, but it has already been saved and recorded in the testimony. The only thing that will save him and others is repentance and cooperation with the investigation!

There are other interesting photos of young people, voices of “experienced brokers” from the phone:



And also a young girl - a broker. I wonder how she will explain to her children the work of fraudsters and her convictions – “mistakes of youth”?

What is most surprising is that these same characters appeared in the photos taken at a completely different address. Namely, Kiev Saksaganskogo str, 147/5. It turns out that scammers periodically change their place of residence in order to avoid disclosure and trouble. I remind to all devils, moving will not save anyone, hell awaits you ahead! There is no other way to cleanse your dirty souls! Let's start with pseudo brokers, the so-called FXCoin company, but most likely they are brokers of another company. Below are duplicated photos from Obolonskaya 29 and the new office on Saksaganskogo 147/5 (hereinafter - pseudo brokers):

Pseudo broker # 1

Pseudo broker #2

Pseudo broker # 3

Pseudo broker #4

And pseudo broker # 5 - Denis Sergeevich Vasiliev:


Surprisingly, the 4th floor along 147/5 Saksaganskogo Street is simply occupied by this fraudulent organization. The scope is impressive. And attention - the personalities of some of the pseudo brokers - scammers:

Anastasia Zinchenko. She has already appeared in the photos above.

Oleg Maskaev, who appeared at two addresses. There is no photo on Obolonskaya, but he is in social networks, after that he was seen on Saksaganskogo

Next are the faces that were seen only on Saksaganskogo. But from the environment of the above persons. So, we present:

Dmitrij Romanyuk:

Evgenij Roslov:

And we also managed to find the account of another character. He is so scared that he has a pseudonym instead of a name and he only uploads a photo from his back. This is what the fear of righteous anger means:

4aes Bibik:

Yes, the people in the photo are scammers working in the scams of Martynyuk and Kravchun. Some of the many that will become known through the investigation. The evidence is the testimony of their former “colleagues” who have repented and sincerely wish to correct their mistakes. Now these are not voices from the phone, but real people who will have to answer for their crimes. The investigation is published so that no one can escape the deserved responsibility, can clear his conscience and make peace with the people he has deceived.

To be continued.

By Amisit Conscientia


What to do if you become a victim of stock exchange scams:ронов:

  1. Contact the website administrator in order to join efforts and return the stolen funds. Believe us, scammers have millions of dollars, and it is really possible to return money. We will be able to provide priority support and advice, since we have extensive experience.

  2. Claim from fraudsters to withdraw all money from pseudo-trading account, a small part may be returned immediately.

  3. Record all conversations with scammers on a voice recorder or use a special program. Remember, the faces of ordinary callers have already been identified, law enforcement agencies in the course of the investigation will be able to identify these scum by voice samples and tie them for complicity. Ordinary callers, in turn, will hand over their employers.

  4. Immediately submit an appropriate application to the cyber police of Ukraine. The more statements there are, the faster the fraudsters will incur the punishment they deserve. Refusal to initiate a criminal case can and should be appealed, the application can be submitted many times until it is accepted. Consultations are welcome.
  5. Start preparing documents for the return of money paid to fraudsters through the chargeback procedure. Scammers do not like this, because the thief is ashamed to lose the stolen money.


The time for repentance is running out and it's time to sum up everything, both for scammers and their victims. If the victims were able to unite and clearly imagine that the ball is on their side of the field, the scammers for the most part have not yet thought about the future. For Martynyuk and Kravchun the situation will soon turn 180 degrees and they will be responsible for their crimes before people, and with them all the scammers of a lower rank. Don’t forget that the names of scammers are known and everyone will be able to ask questions why they deceived people.

To be clear, the victims tried to contact the scammers and talk, some of them were forced to think and make the only right decision – to clear their consciences and repent. But repentance implies redemption, only if the former scammers cooperate with the people they deceived to bring the organizers to clean water and stop the activities of the scam Martynyuk and Kravchun.

And the criminals repented, telling the whole truth - about the organizers, the names of the scams, the heads of the offices, the addresses and names of their colleagues. All that mattered and did not matter. All data is recorded in the testimony and the result of the work will be mass searches and detentions. Scammers who have not repented, we remind you that the victims are already eager to communicate with you without a phone and express everything that has boiled over, face to face, so to speak. Understand, Martynyuk and Kravchun will not protect anyone; you are just cannon fodder, waste material. You will be expelled by your masters, but they will still come to you for justice; and to look into the eyes of the victims, and give all the answer will be either you or Martynyuk с КравчуномThe choice is yours.

Below we publish a list of employees of scams

MK Partner (EGRPOU - 38292259)::


  1. Klimenko Igor Grigorevich, 1965
  2. Klochko Yuliya Nikolaevna, 1980
  3. Volokitina Zhanna Ivanovna, 1970
  4. Konoplyanik Viktor Valentinovich, 1983
  5. Mihajlec Oleksandr Fedorovich, 1988


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This is not a complete list. All the data of the fraudsters, along with photos and addresses of offices operating in Ukraine, will be published when they are searched and detained. Anyone should have the opportunity to visit the scammers on New Year's Eve and communicate in person. Wait for guests, swindlers.

To be continued.


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